Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's a start?

Where does one begin on the journey to total home beautification? One way is to pick what you like and rule it out as something that "needs to be done". Everything else goes on the to do list. I should probably give some background on my thoughts and feelings about my particular home before I just jump in with project number one.

I am thankful and appreciative that I have a home. But, this one wouldn't be my first choice. It's old, but not in the quaint and charming way I would prefer. It's old in the multiple layers of wallpaper, dark wood paneling, nasty kitchen cabinets sort of way. However, it is sturdy and cozy. Plus, chances are good we will be here a while being that I recently became a stay at home mom to a 20 month old and am due with our second in May.

Probably more for my own thoughts than anything else, I am going to outline my agenda first. I can be a little OCD with scatter brained tendencies thrown in for good measure. In other words, much could change over time within this list and you will more than likely see more posts telling you how I changed it :-)

Things that I don't plan to change/redecorate/fix:

1) Our entire den. Not long ago someone did that for us due to horrible wood paneling and a rotted hole in the ceiling from a wood burning stove. I may do small cosmetic changes, but this is the one room I am almost 100% happy with...almost.

HA! That's the end of that list.

Things I DO plan to change/redecorate/fix in the short term by room:

1) Kitchen - window treatments
2) Playroom/Office - window treatments, recover old glider, kid's table/arts and crafts area
3) Lila's new "big girl" room - everything
4) Baby's room - once baby comes and we know the sex recreate textiles (window treatments, closet curtain, bedding, rug)
5) Master Bedroom - window treatments, closet curtain or doors, fix duvet cover to actually fit duvet, wall hangings
6) Master bath - window treatment

We have gotten estimates to renovate our hall bathroom, but we are still mulling over it. The kitchen redo seems like a distant dream and the master bath that was renovated is getting some touch ups. We are replacing doors throughout the house as we speak. When I say "we" on all of this, I mean my husband Seth. These are things I will be leaving up to him.

Ok that should do it for now! If I borrow a tutorial for any of this I give credit where credit is due while also showing how I did it. If you are confused or want more info about anything give me shout! I love comments :-)

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